Why TRUST Biologic Natural Products?

The beginning...

From the very beginning, TRUST Biologic has set out some core principles that have guided the foundational functional mission of our company - to work to soften the disquietude of aging.

Aging is a process that we all have to live with. It is very much a part of human life, starting from infancy, into childhood, on to adolescence, and then moving more rapidly through mid-life and old age. The effects of aging range from cardiovascular health to issues with our digestive system, changes in the nervous system, sensory impairment, and other declines internally. On the outside, there is a change in our skin with a gradual loss of elasticity contributing to wrinkles.

At TRUST Biologic, we recognized that aging begins softly, subtly, and then loudly brings a host of new sensations and challenges, from aging skin to concerns and anxieties about maintaining health, as our bodies heal less quickly. That is why we have spent the past few decades living by our core mission of softening the aging process.

The world around us is full of opportunities for joy and fulfillment and we at TRUST Biologic wanted to create the means to help Baby Boomers age, not just gracefully, but confidently so that they can enjoy the opportunities around them.

To help in this process, our product offerings begin with the introduction of four (4) key formulations to immediately “quiet” the loudest outward aging complaints, skin health, inflammation, imbalance, aches, and pains.

But not the end…

That was how it all began, but we are not at the end. The TRUST Biologic team is constantly researching and working to create the best product offerings to help with the aging process. From using the most advanced, available ingredients, to understanding how they work with the body so as to restore balance and function, and providing relief from inflammation. Through our testings and research, we only use the ingredients that have proven to be effective, with the known and widely studied compounds, in creating only functional and effective formulations. From adaptogens to cannabinoids, our formulators, chemists, scientists, and licensed estheticians have collaborated to create products for the unique needs of this exceptional generation and to set the foundation to assist the next generation as they gradually get to the point when slowing aging becomes more of a prominent focus.

Trust Biologic Natural Products…

TRUST Biologic 50/50 cream - This formulation was created to help the entire body address aging issues. From inflammation to aging spots, discoloration problems, and sun damage to overall discomfort, the 50/50 cream helps with all of this while restoring balance to the skin.

TRUST Biologic CBD Facial Serum - This was specifically created to help lock in moisture while decreasing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and to fight free radicals. The CBD Facial Serum also helps with reducing inflammation and skin irritation and normalizing sebum production, which reduces the effects of acne and dry skin.

TRUST Biologic CBD Soft Gel Capsules - This formulation, to be taken daily, was created to promote overall wellness to the mind, body, and skin.

TRUST Biologic CBD Pain Gel - This is a cannabinoid formulation that combines CBD and CBG with a few research-proven active ingredients that penetrates deeply into the skin and soothe irritated muscles and joints.

To learn more about our innovative products to help with aging issues, go to our Trust Biologic Natural Products page.