About Our Business - Pain Relief for Active Agers

Tom and Kelly Murphy

TRUST has been around since Tom and Kelly Murphy sat down at their Lakewood, CO home in 2015 to discuss how to build a business that could benefit from Tom’s years of experience in the skincare and wellness fields.  Incorporating TRUST Beauty in 2016 was the next logical step.  The original product line was a more beauty-focused brand and our product line has changed as we have.  As our team grew and we really put our hearts into building this Company, we realized that we had a much greater calling than being a brand concerned primarily with the subjective beauty of an individual and that our experience and products could benefit the active aging population most significantly. 


AGE has an impact.  We can help.

We spent time working with different labs and formulators and plenty of time discussing with professionals  to find the absolute best topical products, not just for aging skin but also for active-aging skin, muscles, and joints.


Our current product line has items that have CBD and/or CBG.  We have worked very hard at finding the best ingredients – and some of those ingredients that we believe best serve our clients are Cannabidiol (“CBD”) and, potentially even more so, cannabigerol (“CBG”).  We have multiple articles under the blog tab of this site where you can learn more about cannabinoids and why we believe our products containing cannabinoids are functionally superior to other products on the market.


We believe strongly that the human body, as magnificent as it is, has one built-in flaw; it has a shelf life.  How do you extend it? What can be done?

If you want to stay active in your elder years, you have to get active NOW.  If you want longevity, you have to stay active, not letting little things get in the way of your priorities . NO, you don’t have to be a marathon runner (not even a 5k runner… or even a 2k runner, but you do have to” keepmoving2keepmoving.”

Couple playing Pickle Ball

TRUST Biologic is a proud sponsor of activities and sports that keep the blood flowing and help keep your mental game stay as prepared as your physical game.

Exercise and repetitive motions can cause strain and sometimes pain. That’s why we recommend using our CBD + CBG Pain Relief Gel Before and After events/exercise.  It will help you warm up more comfortably and recover with less pain afterward.