Is it Possible to Feel the Changes in the Weather Coming?

Is it Possible to Feel the Changes in the Weather Coming?

Many of us have heard that animals can sense changes in the weather approaching, but what about us humans?

Do you recall ever feeling an overwhelming swelling sensation in your body when the seasons begin to change? Many have reported an increased number of headaches and worsening of arthritis. Well, it turns out that there is a science behind it.

While some are likely more sensitive to changes in the weather than others, it is possible to feel these changes coming.

Changes in Barometric Pressure

The fall season is in full swing and if you have experienced feelings of increased headache frequency and joint pain, you are not alone! 

So, before you begin to panic about the aging process, we can blame a little something called barometric pressure for seasonal ailments once the weather becomes cooler. Essentially, barometric pressure is the weight of the air in the atmosphere surrounding us.

When the weather warms up, barometric pressure rises and the weather improves. But when pressure falls, the weather generally worsens. Unless you live somewhere where it is summer year-round, you are likely experiencing the latter.

So, what do our bodies feel like when they sense changes in the weather approaching?

Increased Joint Pain

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Even if you have not been formally diagnosed with arthritis, it is still normal to feel some joint pain when there is a sudden drop in barometric pressure, or it is just beginning to drop.

Scientists believe that a decrease in barometric pressure is associated with a decreased level of joint fluid. This makes joints feel stiff, swollen, and potentially painful. We promise it isn’t just in your head, the weather really can be to blame!

It is also suggested by scientists that a drop in barometric pressure can make muscles, tendons, and ligaments swell or expand. When this occurs, it puts excess pressure on joints which can cause discomfort.

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More Frequent Headaches

Another pesky symptom that can potentially be used to predict weather changes is headaches. When barometric pressure drops, the difference in pressure of the outdoor air isn't necessarily the only air that drops. The air in your sinus can drop as well. Talk about a domino effect! 

If you notice a feeling of sinus pressure or feel a migraine coming on, it might indicate that there is cooler weather approaching. 

Even if you are experiencing these ailments when there isn’t any change in the weather and conclude that it might be attributed to age, remember that aging is inevitable. 

The best way to age is active aging. Remember to get out there and take care of yourself, no matter the time of year!

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