Woman applies CBD PAIN RELIEF GEL to her leg

Despite your age and fitness level, aches and pains are the inevitable by-product of an active lifestyle. That’s why TRUST Biologic, a Denver-based wellness brand devoted significant time and research into developing a leading-edge remedy called TRUST Biologic Pain Relief Gel.

For those who haven’t tried a topical CBD/CBG remedy, this gel can be directly applied to sore joints or muscles, before and after physical activity. But how well do these gels actually work? Will the ingredients irritate your skin?  

TRUST Biologic applied their skin care expertise to formulate an effective roll-on Pain Relief Gel infused with CBD, CBG, and other natural ingredients. These potent ingredients work together not to mask pain, but to relieve it. That’s why it can enhance your workout routine. 

Why TRUST Biologic?

Did you know that many commercial pain relief rubs contain salicylate as their primary ingredient? While it can provide anti-inflammatory relief as it hydrolyzes into salicylic acid, a high concentration of salicylate can be very irritating to the skin, especially when applied pre-workout. Products with higher levels of salicylate can also exude strong fumes that some might find unpleasant. TRUST does not use salicylate, favoring natural ingredients instead. 

Its leading-edge formula contains an optimized blend of 500 mg CBD (cannabidiol) and 10 mg CBG (cannabigerol). All-natural, active ingredients include menthol, camphor, jojoba, and licorice root extracts that penetrate into the skin to soothe irritated muscles and joints, providing the following effects:

  •  PAIN RELIEF: This formulation of CBD, CBG, and other nutrients can provide instant relief. Rolling the gel on any external part of your body will harness CBD and hemp extracts’ pain-relieving capacity for irritated tendons, sore muscles, including elbow, knee, ankle, hip, neck, wrist, shoulder, foot, and back pain. 
  •  COOLING: Menthol and camphor have been applied in traditional medicine for centuries. Their cooling qualities combine to desensitize sensory nerves to relieve pain and irritation. 
  •  RECOVERY: The potency of this Gel roller assists with pain alleviation and muscle recovery, allowing you to resume normal exercise and activity.

Apply Pre- and Post-Workout 

Everyone knows that nagging joint pain is a natural part of the aging process. Sometimes you just need an extra bit of relief before playing pickleball or going on a hike. Our convenient roller can easily go in your backpack, gym bag, or fanny pack so you can bring it along to #keepmoving2keepmoving and stay in your happy place every day!  

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