Assisted Stretching

What could be better for you than simply stretching?
How about 'assisted stretching'? 
Have you ever felt stiff as a board after exercising, even if it was a low - intensity workout? It could be because you didn't stretch! Oftentimes many people overlook the importance of stretching before and after exercising and then feel the unwanted pain afterward.
If you are over the age of 50 and feeling the effects of aging, stretching is even more crucial to avoid injury. Would you be more inclined to str etch if you had assistance from an expert?
Well, there have been several assisted stretching facilities popping up in recent years, and for good reason. Active adults are looking for ways to increase the longevity of their muscles so they can play pickleball, golf, and practice yoga for years to come.
There are many benefits to attending one-on-one assisted stretching sessions. Here are a few of them:
You will be receiving stretching help and advice from an expert
Professionals who perform assisted stretching go through a certification process. They need to be very familiar with human anatomy and the various muscle groups. Typically, such stretches are performed by massage therapists, physical therapists, or athletic trainers.
These experts know what they are doing and are there to help you find pain relief and prevent future injuries. Each one will know how to cater to your specific needs. They will likely even give you advice on some simple stretches that you can do yourself.
Assisted stretching
 You can increase flexibility and range of motion
Since the stretching assistant knows the location and function of the body’s many muscles, they can help you safely stretch those muscles. They understand that increasing the range of motion takes time and will know the gradual process needed to help you achieve your desired success.
You can relieve post - exercise pain, or potentially lessen it before it starts
Muscle pain is caused by a buildup of a pesky thing called lactic acid. If stretching is not performed as part of your warm - up and cool - down routine, it creates the ideal environment for lactic acid to fester.
Your stretching assistant can walk you through the perfect stretching routine to help make sure those muscles are in the least amount of pain possible.
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You can improve circulation
Stretching is excellent for your blood flow, which then increases the stream of necessary oxygen to muscles and other tissues that are recovering after exercising. Even the simplest of stretches can play a significant role in this and your stretching assistant can help you figure out what works best.
Assisted stretching establishments are becoming a lot more common and they should be utilized to your advantage. It can be a great step to helping you meet your fitness goals. Your muscles will thank you!

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