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TRUST Biologic CBD Soft Gel Capsules can be taken daily to promote wellness, and it may assist with ailments like anxiety, pain relief, and seizures.

For people who feel discomfort from everyday stress, with sensitive or irritated skin, or have a medical condition such as multiple sclerosis, some good options for pain relief may be prescription medications used with a doctor's advice or a capsule made from natural ingredients that promote pain relief and comfort.

Gel capsules (gel caps) and soft gels, designed to impact places where the human body is hurting, can have a positive effect on your overall health, diminishing the pain and stress. Softgel capsules are a capsule form with the same ingredients as traditional capsules, but they're made with a gelatin shell. The main difference between capsules and soft gels is the gelatin shell that cases soft gels. This casing makes soft gels easy to take and dissolvable in a glass of water. With a sip of water to ease your digestive system, you can take a soft gel and be confident that it will make a difference in your symptoms.

CBD soft gels and capsules, especially, are a convenient way to soothe mild or chronic pain symptoms and achieve better peace of mind. Taking a CBD oil soft gel, CBD capsule, CBD pill, or oil tincture is the best way to care for your body and symptoms. CBD oil products consist of ingredients such as the beneficial cannabinoids cannabidiol and cannabigerol (CBG). The combination of CBD and CBG works together to help reduce pain, soreness, and more. 

TRUST Biologic's clean CBD pain relief soft gel—created with the highest quality organic ingredients—is the best product that provides the best results for the mind, body, and skin. The natural ingredients and terpenes in this high-quality product work together to allow CBD users to experience the health benefits of cannabidiol—interactions known as the entourage effect. The best CBD capsule soft gel available, this product formulation lacks harmful chemicals and is the perfect choice for soothing ailments while hydrating skin and restoring its feel and appearance.

  • ANTIOXIDANTS YOU WANT - CBD has powerful antioxidants to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation throughout your body.
  • PAIN RELIEF YOU NEED - Studies have shown that CBD supplements can relieve chronic pain such as Arthritis.
  • RELAXATION YOU DESERVE - CBD has a natural calming effect, which helps with anxiety and mental health.
  • YOU HAVE BUILT-IN CBD RECEPTORS - CBD is an essential part of your body's endocannabinoid system. Your body has two known cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2. CBD attaches to the CB2 receptor, which is linked to your immune system but more importantly, it triggers your body to make more cannabinoids. That's right; your body can and will make cannabinoids, so if your body is a symphony, CBD is the composer, and the endocannabinoid system is the conductor helping to balance all biological functions, from skin health to mental clarity.
  • DIRECTIONS - Take 1 - 3 soft gels per day with water
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    MCT Oil

    CBD pills, CBD capsules, and other oral CBD products are natural alternatives to traditional capsules and topical products. People engage in the oral use of CBD or use milligrams (e.g., 25mg CBD) in tincture form via a dropper. A dropper increases the ease of use of tinctures. Additionally, you can use cannabidiol through topical absorption. Topical products made that include hemp CBD oil and cannabis have fast absorption and don't enter the bloodstream when applied to any dry place on the skin. The topical absorption of THC levels differs from vape inhalation, another popular way to use hemp seed oil products.

    Cannabidiol and many terpenes are natural ingredients in the hemp plant and cannabis plant. An example of a CBD strain used to make some CBD oil products is Charlotte's Web, named after a Colorado resident who used CBD oil from this strain to handle severe epilepsy seizures. In the United States, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration—the FDA—approved this hemp source-derived active ingredient. CBD, unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)—another cannabinoid found in hemp and cannabis plants—produces desired effects without causing psychoactive effects as side effects.

    CBD companies that create and market CBD brands where they produce and sell hemp source products must adhere to the legal limit of THC content allowed in CBD products. At the federal level, full-spectrum CBD products can contain a small amount of THC: 0.3 percent. Pure CBD—cannabidiol that is THC-free and lacks additional ingredients, unlike full-spectrum CBD extract—is CBD isolate. Producing this pure form of CBD involves CO2. Pure CBD results from CO2 extraction, the most common extraction method. 

    The CO2 extraction method is an extraction process that separates CBD from the hemp plant and removes traces of THC, byproducts, contaminants, and toxins, resulting in purity. This process makes full-spectrum CBD capsules different from pure CBD capsules. Broad-spectrum CBD products remain somewhere in the middle, as an excellent option, providing a CBD experience that results in the combined benefits of CBD and other cannabinoids, lacking the trace amounts of THC and possible side effects that are psychoactive.

    After a significant farm bill passed, more American farms began growing batch after batch of organic hemp, and independent laboratories ("independent labs") or third-party laboratories ("third-party labs") started their own research on hemp and CBD. These lab tests and lab results led to the production and selling of third-party lab tested cannabis-based products. The cannabis and hemp market today has more CBD companies than ever producing a wide range of CBD products from a supplemental dietary product to CBD capsules, CBD oil tinctures, CBD oil softgels, and CBD oil pills. Lab reports and test results allow companies in the CBD industry to make their final product with additional ingredients such as cannabinol (CBN), cannabichromene (CBC), and cannabidiolic acid (CBDA). These ingredients have similar benefits to CBD and can contribute to high-quality products like CBD oil pills, softgels, and CBD capsules 

    The CBD oils, CBD tinctures, CBD gummies, dietary supplements, edibles, CBD capsules, and CBD topical products marketed in the hemp and cannabis industry allow people to harness the anti-inflammatory properties and soothing benefits of CBD.

    Hemp oil and CBD oil used to create the CBD oil capsules, CBD oil softgels, CBD oil tinctures, and other CBD products made by CBD brands owe their potency and efficacy to the great way CBD interacts with the body's endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS consists of cannabinoid receptors and endocannabinoids—which may play a role in immune system functions. Endocannabinoids are cannabinoids the body produces, while phytocannabinoids are those found in plants. 

    According to research, the endocannabinoid system provides a natural way to protect the body against inflammation, swelling, infections, and different forms of damage. Additionally, this system plays a role in hormone secretion, blood flow, appetite regulation, metabolism, and energy levels. Cannabinoids such as CBN, CBC, and THC, interact with receptors to exhibit their full effects. 

    Youthful and mature people with various ailments and skin types can benefit from using quality products from a reputable company that produces the best CBD capsules and soft gels. CBD products made from a full-spectrum source like full-spectrum hemp extract can be beneficial to health outcomes. The high quality, cruelty-free TRUST Biological CBD oil softgels and CBD oil capsules lack detectable levels of THC and can help enhance skin health, feel, and appearance. Using high-quality CBD solutions from this reputable brand, such as the potent, high-quality CBD capsules and CBD oil softgels, is an easy way to care for your skin. The potent product formulations of TRUST Biologic THC-free remedies enable them to help boost skin texture and appearance, soothe pain and irritation and offer protection from free radicals.

    What separates your CBD oil softgels from others?

    This CBD oil softgel includes the additional benefit of MCT oil. MCT oil derives from medium-chain triglycerides (MCT), which contain fatty acids. Coconut oil is the most common source of MCT oil. Medium-chain triglyceride molecules are small, easy to digest, and quick to absorb. Including MCT coconut oil didn't change the flavor and taste of CBD oil but instead made these the best CBD softgels available, as they impact inflammation, energy levels, and strength. Made of the highest quality CBD and hemp extract, this popular CBD brand's CBD oil softgels, capsules, and other products can encourage skin rejuvenation and pain relief at specific areas of your body.

    Other CBD or organic hemp-free capsules, creams, types of CBD capsules, and different products made by other companies may or may not include artificial preservatives, synthetic ingredients, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, and sulfates. Capsules, gel caps, gummies, CBD tinctures, salves, and pain cream by TRUST Biologic have more purity, lack numerous contaminants and toxins, and consist of beneficial natural compounds and high-quality ingredients.

    How much CBD should I take?

    The amount of CBD and hemp seed oil dosage available in CBD capsules, CBD oil softgels, CBD oils, CBD creams, tinctures, edibles, and other CBD products can vary from product to product. For example, the grams of CBD extract or milligrams mg of CBD in a CBD ointment may differ from the milligrams of CBD in CBD-blended beverages, or a 50 count bottle of CBD capsules, whether it's 10mg, 25mg, 50mg, or 100mg, 250mg, 500mg, 750mg, and 1500mg. The milligrams (e.g., 25mg CBD) on a 30-count bottle of full-spectrum CBD oil, THC-free CBD capsules, or the best CBD pill refer to the strength of the cannabidiol in the product. For example, 10mg of CBD, 15mg of CBD, 25mg of CBD, 50mg, 100 mg CBD, 500mg of CBD, and 750mg CBD all have different strengths.

    A higher dosage like 600mg of CBD indicates greater substantial power than a lower dosage like 25mg of CBD. The right dose of CBD that allows you to harness the maximum benefits of this ingredient—whether it's 25mg of CBD, less, or more—depends on your body weight and the product's potency. When choosing the mg capsule you need, consider any prescription medications you take as ordered by a doctor with years of experience. If you use prescription medications for a serious medical condition, a great option is to choose potency options that won't interact poorly with your medicine. Likewise, choose the best serving size of full-spectrum CBD capsules or THC-free CBD capsules that will enable you to feel the benefits of CBD capsules without compromising your health. The top CBD capsules and softgels will offer more pros and no cons for your health.

    How quickly will I see results with this CBD softgel?

    Using milligrams of this product on a daily basis in a wellness routine is a good idea because it allows people to feel and see the benefits of CBD sooner in the near future after several weeks or months. The daily dose of CBD beginners and regular users consume at their chosen time of the day in their daily routine—a consistent dose—provides constant alleviation of discomfort in the human body and restoration of skin health at any age, regardless of skin conditions and chronic conditions.

    In addition to CBD, what other ingredients compose products for damaged skin, pain, and discomfort?

    Many people use facial scrubs, lotions, and creams that underwent third-party lab testing and incorporate these products into their daily regimen. Some of these products include green tea, coconut, turmeric, melatonin, aloe vera, cellulose, beta-caryophyllene, essential oils like coconut oil, and organic extra virgin olive oil, essential fatty acids, and glycerin. Additional ingredients include gluten-free ingredients, vegan ingredients, flavonoids, bovine gelatin, amino acids like L-theanine, GMO, and non-GMO ingredients. Regarding GMOs, the World Health Organization defines them as organisms with "altered" genetic material.