Pain Gel FAQs [Topical CBD/CBG products]

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Pain Gel.

What separates your pain gel from others?

This CBD topical product, which does not enter the bloodstream, can help address soreness or inflammation due to some of the most clinically noted CBD/CBG benefits: their anti-inflammatory properties. Topical CBD/CBG products and hemp extract-based products can encourage pain relief at specific areas of your body. Using the TRUST Biologic CBD Pain Gel, made from the highest quality CBD and hemp harvest grown in the Continental US, enables one to harness the beneficial effects of CBD and CBG. TRUST Biologic CBD Pain Gel does more than mask pain or inflammation the way other topical products do, it actually works!

How often can I use?

As much as you need! Use throughout the day, and especially before bedtime to welcome an amazing, pain-free slumber!”

How quickly will I see results with the CBD Pain Gel?

Most feel results immediately! Re-apply as often as you need but notice the time in between applications may increase with continued use. You may feel you need it every 4 hours in the beginning, and then every 6 hours, and then, perhaps, once or twice a day!